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When Life Begins

Get God's Answer to Abortion:

Having both spiritual and medical training, Dr. George Crabb is able to simply give the unequivocal answer as to when life begins. Defining the primary issue, and illustrating the supporting answer will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that abortion is MURDER!


However, Satan has masterfully deceived our culture into believing abortion is acceptable and many women have fallen prey to his lies. In this book, Dr. Crabb not only explains why abortion is wrong, but also gives help and hope to those who now live in regret. 


Many American women now live with the regret of having an abortion. This book by Dr. Crabb will give you “God’s Answer to Abortion”. The purpose for this book is not to condemn those who have already had an abortion, but to help us all understand the physical and spiritual reasons why it is wrong; and that healing and forgiveness is available through Jesus Christ.


When Life Begins Ebook

My Mom & Dad divorced when I was six years old.  My Dad reenlisted in the Navy; and my Mom, who understood little English, was left to raise two children by herself.  We were fortunate to move next door to a married Christian couple who had a heart for us and took us to Richfield Road Baptist Church.  This was a happy time in our lives.  But, when the pastor left, so did we.  I believe my heart was tender, I wanted to do right, but I do not think I was saved.

However, time passed, friends became more important than going to church, my Dad and I stopped talking, and I began to do whatever I wanted with no accountability.  My sin started to catch up with me.  Social drinking led to experimenting with drugs and an immoral lifestyle.  I found myself doing things I would never do, and I began to reap all the wrong I had sown.  I would never be innocent again, and nothing could change that.  I got pregnant and set out to have an abortion.  At seven weeks along, all I could think about was this baby growing inside of me.  Without telling my mom about my sleepless nights, the Lord allowed her to come into my room the night before the appointment.  She let me know that she supported me, and I chose to keep the baby.

Although the father of my baby wanted no responsibility, I was determined to be a good mom.  My friends continued to party, and my time alone showed me that I had no true friends.  But my friends had such a strong hold on me!  New Years Eve 2004, I walked home from a party drunk on a dark street, crying out, “I have no friends!”  I felt alone and very helpless.  The next morning I received a phone call from a young missionary lady that I had met five months prior to my daughters birth.  She invited me to church, and that Sunday I got assurance of my salvation.  I knew for sure that God loved me, and that I had been forgiven.  A true friend I found in Him!

-Monica, A Graduate of the Reformers Unanimous Schools of Discipleship


There is always a way out. You can find healing and help in dealing with your situation, and you do not have to turn to an abortion. An abortion will not solve anything, and will only leave you frustrated and guilty. 

Do as Monica did, and seek the Lord in spite of your circumstances, and realize that all things are in His plan. 

Micah Moody

Former Abortion Seeker

By age 21, I had my third and final abortion. It was the lowest point in my life. Three chances for life had been aborted by choice. I was pro-choice when I should have been pro-chance! Aborting babies, coupled with the personal pain in my life, left me bound and scared. I continued turning to drugs and alcohol and considered suicide again. Three months later, I sought sobriety through secular treatment. I had tried treatment before, but this time it was either get help or die. True freedom didn't come until a met a man (now my husband) who taught me about Jesus Christ. The Lord used him to soften my heart toward the gospel. With my heart softened, it was open to the only Truth that makes the bound free - Jesus Christ (John 8:32). By believing the verses found in the back of this tract, I was saved from my life of sin and torment. In doing so, I was forgiven for my sin (even my abortions). The overwhelming guilt from my abortions has now turned to godly grief for my three children whom He has kept for me in heaven. I love the verse "...I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation," (Psalm 13:5). Since this time, God has given me victory in many areas of my life, and He has even allowed me to birth three healthy, beautiful children. Now I know that "... children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward," (Psalm 127:3)!

Pro Chance: The Micah Moody Story

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