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The Eternal Word at Work

Psalm 119:89-96

The eternality, faithfulness, and power of the written Word as seen in this “LAMED” portion are mirrored by those same qualities in its Author. We tend to underestimate what will be accomplished in us through the Word if we only place unreserved faith in its testimonies, and purpose to obey it immediately and explicitly. It is difficult to imagine how an almighty, omniscient God could be concerned about our seemingly insignificant existence, but He is. The same is true with respect to the eternal Word. The Bible’s worth and power are beyond our understanding, but it is still given by God for purpose of accomplishing His will in us by the working of His mighty power.

“Thy word is settled in heaven…” (v. 89). The Word is eternal, unchanging, and we can have absolute confidence in it. We have heard some cynics say, “Yes, God’s Word is settled in heaven, but not on earth.” That is simply ludicrous! We cannot believe for one moment that God’s Word is “settled in heaven” but not miraculously delivered unto men, and then faithfully guarded by that same God so that its witness would be available to saints of every generation.

“Thy faithfulness is unto all generations…” (vv. 90-91). Through the miracle of inspiration, God gave us His very words in written form, and likewise preserved them to this present hour. Just as the universe is held together by the word of His power according to His faithfulness, so is His Word recorded for “all generations,” not just the first generation that had “the original autographs.” It is simply amazing how so many today say without hesitation that God has the power to faithfully perpetuate His created universe (Colossians 1:16-17,) but question His ability, or perhaps even His purpose, in faithfully preserving His Word down through the centuries (Psa. 12:6-7.)

“…With [thy precepts] thou hast quickened me” (vv. 92-96). Notice in the following verses how the eternal Word translates into practical deliverance and spiritual vitality for the trusting saint. Always remember, if we stick to the precepts, we shall be rescued by the promises. Oh, dear Christian, hold fast the faithful Word; let no man ever cause you to doubt its power or its perfection!

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